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2021 Achievement Planner

~ Playful Penguins~

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could organize your schedule, goals, meals, habits, finances, and to-do lists/notes all in one place?


The Achievement Planner is my #1 Tool for keeping my busy life and business organized and fun!

  • You are looking for a tool that keeps all of your organizational and tracking needs in one place.

  • You have goals to achieve and are ready to take the steps to make them a reality.

  • You are looking for a way to better manage your time.

  • You have a busy lifestyle and need a planner that supports all of the tasks and activities you are involved in.

  • You don’t want to carry a binder, notebook, and journal for every area of your life - you want it all in one place.

Here are some things I know to be true...

Everything I need in one place?  Heck yes!

And knowing that with one planner I can organize my to-dos, achieve my goals, improve my time management, decrease debt and save more, lead a healthier life with meal planning, and so much more, is an absolute win!

Which is why the Achievement Planner is the perfect tool for you!  ​There is no time like the present to start living more organized and working toward accomplishing health, financial, and goal setting aspirations.

With this planner, you will be working to set and organize long and short term goals, improve your health, budgets and stress levels with meal planning and prepping, decrease debt and increase savings through the monthly budget tracking feature, improve time management with the time blocking ability, create habits through weekly habit tracking graphic… and so much more.  You  will be using this planner as your daily companion toward more organization, more free time, and less stress.


Planners for a Cause

A Portion of Proceeds Supports Symbolic Adoptions of Penguins through the World Wildlife Foundation

2021 Achievement Planner, the key to 10Xs your organization and productivity levels!
  • Goal Setting

  • Coloring Page Month Intro

  • Full Month Spread

  • Monthly Budget Spread

  • Monthly Meal Planning/Grocery Spread

  • Weekly View with Daily Times 5:30a-11:30p

  • Weekly Habit Tracking Graphic

  • Weekly Celebration Graphic

  • Plenty of Room for Notes



Untitled design (9).png

Planners will all have the added BONUS of video tutorials for all of the major features!  These will guide you through the most effective ways of adding organization and management strategies to your routine and using your new achievement planner to the fullest!

Untitled design (9).png

All Planners will also have the BONUS of a PDF color book of all the adult color book style monthly intro pages!



I am a Women's Achievement Coach, working with women to hone the strategies and implement the tools needed to set, align, and achieve big dream goals...


I am obsessed with planners and used to do hours and hours of research to find one that would meet all of my needs - and I never found one that truly had everything - I always had to add in another journal, tracking method, or write in to be able to track everything, and it was both frustrating and stressful.  It was especially stressful when I got used to the planning method of one planner, and by the next year, the planner was either discontinued, or the format available had changed so much that I had to start from square one on the research process all over again.


I know that this is a struggle that so many go through, trying to find the perfect tool for keeping life organized!  These are methods that I have personally curated through life in business as an employee and business owner, as well as keeping a very organized personal life with multiple passion projects and a wanderlust!

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