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Baby Lambert #2

Arriving October 2024...

baby 2 announcement.jpg

Thank you so much for wanting to celebrate the arrival of our little blessing with us... we cannot even begin to describe how excited we are for our second baby dancer to arrive and to watch James become a big brother!

We are prepared in many ways for Baby's arrival as we are able to use a lot from when we prepared for James to join us, but there are a few things we have in mind to make this transition a bit easier, make recovery a bit more comfortable for Mama, and also have a few things selected for James as he is growing and developing so much every day!

We will not be finding out if baby is a boy or girl - no gender reveal to come!  We are looking forward to being surprised when Baby Lambert arrives.

Because we will not be finding out, we will be keeping the theme for the baby's items gender neutral, keeping with the ocean theme we had for James and representing baby with JELLYFISH and orange/coral colors.

Our Registry, Address Information, and Other Details

Below are links to several locations...

  • Amazon Baby Registry

  • If you prefer to send a monetary contribution for us to use toward baby items, or would like to contribute to a certain "type" of fund, the link to our Venmo will also be below.  

For the sake of privacy, we will not be sharing our address on this page... the Amazon registry is set up to automatically know our address for anything being sent directly.  For any items, cards, or well wishes that you may wish to share with us, we ask that they either be delivered in-person, or that you contact us directly for our address privately.

Thank you so much for helping us to maintain this privacy and keep our home a safe space!

We have many of the essentials from when James was born, but the items on the list were either disposable (ahem, diapers ;) ) or worn to the point of needing replacement, or will be needed for a comfortable postpartum, or are things we have in mind for James as he is growing and developing so much!  James was recently upgraded to a twin bed, which he LOVES because mama and daddy can snuggle with him in his space, and his old bed has been converted back to a crib for his little sibling!

The Registry...

Toys on a Shelf

Amazon Registry

This is where a majority of our baby preparations are listed, and Amazon will send items directly to us if you will not be seeing us in person.


Baby with Wooden Toy

Venmo Contributions

If you'd like to send a Venmo Contribution, please be sure to send us your address so that we may thank you!  Also, if you'd like it to go toward something specific (ie baby care items, books, a gift for James, a massage for mom ;) or something else!) please  include that in the notes of the contribution!

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