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For Rockstar Mamas and Fempreneurs alike, designed to condense coaching about some of the most effective strategies, techniques, and tools, these six courses are jam-packed with amazing information and resources!

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Empowerment, Education & Inspiration
For Rockstar Mamas & Fempreneurs
Reaching For & Achieving Dream Goals

Being a Rockstar Mama is an incredibly rewarding role to wake up to every morning... and it can also be the most challenging role you will ever undertake...

Building a business opens your world to an incredible amount of freedom, flexibility, and access to your dream goals in so many different areas... and it can also feel like an impossible balancing act and result in burnout when we are not prepared for the journey...

And if you are combining the rewarding role of motherhood and the opportunities that come with running your own business, you are in for one of the wildest and most unpredictable rides of your life!

Unpredictable can be challenging, so with these mini courses, we try to take some of the guess work out of creating balance in your life, whether you are a Rockstar Mama, a Fempreneur, or both!

In these courses, you will find comprehensive guides to some of the most helpful tools and resources, step-by-step guidance on using streamlined strategies, and walk through practices for organizing the chaos across the board so that you can accomplish goals in multiple areas of your life simultaneously *without* hitting the burnout wall.

Details on each of the courses are listed below including the number of video coaching sessions in each course, and a bit more on what you can expect to experience in each course bundle.

** These courses are comprised of trainings created over the past several years within the Empowered to Thrive Community - JOIN the free community today for ongoing support, camaraderie, and opportunities to ask questions and receive coaching on achieving your dream goals and balancing your lifestyle from Patricia Lambert, Women's Achievement Coach.


An introductory course in the use of Canva for your business and/or personal design projects.  Canva can be used to design everything from logos and flyers, to journals and planners, to holiday cards and baby announcements.

Contains: 15 Tech Tutorial Videos



The technology and social media behind your entrepreneurial growth, this course delves into the programs that will streamline the back office of your business, as well as platforms and best practices on how to use them in sharing and growing your business in the virtual space.

Contains: 6 Coaching Videos PLUS Bonus video outlining common mistakes made by entrepreneurs online



If you are in the planning process of starting a new business, in the early stages of running your business, or have been running your business for a little while but in need of a more solid foundation behind the scenes, this mini course is for you.  

Contains: 6 Coaching Videos on setting up a business model that continues to work while you play, PLUS 2 Bonus coaching videos



This course provides an overview of Patricia's signature 5 phase goal setting & achieving strategy "The Dream Goals Strategy," as well as coaching on how to implement this strategy and other techniques to organize your business and/or personal life and start achieving dream goals in multiple areas today.

Contains: 6 Coaching Videos 



From the moment of considering bringing a new child into your world, your entrepreneurial life will change.  In this course, dive into the details of keeping your business life organized and flourishing in the midst of growing your beautiful family.  Running a business does not mean you have to sacrifice time with your family - you can be BOTH a Rockstar Mama and a successful Fempreneur!

Contains: 6 Coaching Videos 



You are a Rockstar Mama, but if life at home is feeling disorganized, chaotic, and like you are struggling to continue to work toward your goals while being everything your family needs you to be, it's time to organized the chaos!  Scheduling, setting & achieving goals, healthy eating, time management, stress reduction, and balance are all key areas of organizing the chaos, and they *don't* need to take up an inordinate amount of time!

Contains: 6 Coaching Videos 



Hi there! I am Patricia Lambert, a mom and owner of two businesses... As a Women's Achievement Coach, I work with women to hone the strategies and implement the tools needed to set, align, and achieve big dream goals...


I am obsessed with planning, organizing, and setting big dreams and making them my reality!  I have been a student, a teacher, a dancer, a coach, an admin, and so much more, and with every path I've traveled, I have been honing my skills in planning strategies, and taking the big picture and breaking it down into bite-sized milestone steps...


I work with my clients on digging deep... really deep, to find the underlying goals and dreams in all areas of life.  Then we work together to create a Unique Dreams Roadmap, planning out with the path to those big dreams, all while working in balance and joy. 

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