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Mentorship Masterclass

This Masterclass is now available on demand with access to the video from both days of coaching.


What is the Mentorship Masterclass?

An opportunity to create balance in your life through learning to increase business productivity, decrease your overwhelm, maximize your free time, and serve others by creating learning opportunities and training in your areas of expertise!

Why is mentoring a great option for businesses?

Mentorships are a powerful tool for building relationships with others through mentoring, teaching behind-the-scenes skills (which increases your own proficiency and smooths out your systems), and has little to no financial cost for your business.

Maximize your free time and the time you are spending in your zone of genius in your business... the head chef doesn't hand chop all of his own ingredients!

Create or streamline the systems in your business when you assess how best to teach them and have your mentee implement their use.

Increase consistency by outsourcing and offloading some of the tasks that overwhelm you and get put on the back burner when things get busy.

Why is mentoring a great option for the mentees you bring on?

This is an incredible opportunity for an individual (I generally work with teens in their high school and early college years) to learn business skills and skills specific to your niche, whether that is coaching,  creating, building, health and wellness, and more.

When individuals do well in your mentorship, you make an incredible reference for them!  References can be powerful in earning scholarships, program, and job placements.

Individuals are gaining education and job experience and training for no charge.

Often, mentorships can lead to paid opportunities in your business down the road.  As you grow your business, you may find the need to grow your "office team" and can then hire your mentorship individual into a paid position, and open the mentorship up again to a new individual.

What will the two day masterclass cover?

Day 1, the pre-work.  On day 1, I will be sharing the documents that I use for applications and ultimately "hiring" contracts.  You will receive these in PDF form to use as reference in the event you choose to create something similar for a position in your business.  I will also be going over (1) how I determine who it is that I am looking for to fill this position, (2) how I advertise the position, (3) the interview process, (4) choosing your candidate(s), (5) offering the position and repeating communication of expectations

Day 2, the mentorship experience.  On day 2, I will be sharing how I organize mentorships, how I communicate with and track the work that mentees are completing, how I share information and login/access details with the mentee, and the progression that I use with training mentees from little to no experience, on up to where the mentee is able to complete tasks independently

The class will be hosted on zoom and will stream live into a private facebook group for easy access to the replay.  The facebook group will remain open for one week for you to interact and ask questions.  After that week, you will have lifetime access to the replay via login information on the Patricia Lambert Coaching course platform (login details will be emailed to you when they become available).

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