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For women in business who want to embrace BOTH the fun of summer days and moving the needle forward in their businesses to set themselves up for growth and success this Fall.

We will clarify your goals and create a highly focused roadmap of action steps and systems to implement in bite sizes over three months to ease your stresses and set you up for the goals you are seeking.

Dare to dream big!  With a coach by your side providing insight, education, over a decade of business experience, and accountability every step of the way, this summer can be refreshing and prosperous!

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Empowerment, Education & Inspiration
For Fempreneurs
Reaching For & Achieving Dream Goals

I believe that everything is connected...

Your business efforts and success affect your wellness, your family, your passions, all of your relationships... and vice versa.  So when I work with a woman on reaching new goals in her business, we assess it all!  We look at the personal life goals (and in the case of Refresh to Prosper, specifically your fun in the sun summer plans and desires), and we create a plan of balance.

When you enroll in Refresh to Prosper, you will receive an email with an intake form - please fill that out at your earliest convenience - this is the foundation of our journey together and how I will get to know where you are in life and business so that I can provide you the most customized coaching experience possible.

Here's where I see a lot of women struggle early on in working for me - goal clarity. We aren't taught how to set goals, chip away at, and conquer them in school. We also don't get to see the nitty gritty behind-the-scenes of others making their dream goals a reality, so that's my first task with you - I provide the step-by-step process for identifying what your goals are so that you know exactly what and why you are creating the plans and putting in place the systems that you are.

The next three months together is going to be transformative - and it's going to be fun, because not only are you going to enjoy your summer and we are going to work in the pockets between your other commitments, but when you see your goals start to come to life, when the vision becomes clear, and when the reality of your goals coming true starts to set it... it's SO much fun!

I can't wait to work with you in Refresh to Prosper and see what journey is in store for us this summer!

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Hi there! I am Patricia Lambert, a mom and owner of multiple businesses... As a Women's Achievement Coach, I work with women to hone the strategies and implement the tools needed to set, align, and achieve big dream goals...


I am obsessed with planning, organizing, and setting big dreams and making them my reality!  I have been a student, a teacher, a dancer, a coach, an admin, and so much more, and with every path I've traveled, I have been honing my skills in planning strategies, and taking the big picture and breaking it down into bite-sized milestone steps...


I work with my clients on digging deep... really deep, to find the underlying goals and dreams in all areas of life.  Then we work together to create a Unique Dreams Roadmap, planning out with the path to those big dreams, all while working in balance and joy. 

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