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Pepper Penguin's Dream Adventure

Pepper loves to read about adventure, but wonders why penguins' adventures only happen in winter.

After a night by the fire with her Aunt, Pepper dreams the most magical year-long adventure away from the south pole ever, and becomes inspired to follow her dreams.


Curiosity, Imagination, a Sense of Adventure, and Dreaming Big
This is what you can expect to find in Pepper's world...

A children’s book that combines my love of penguins, my belief in going after your dreams, and one of my favorite rolls in life: being an Aunty.  For every sale of "Pepper Penguin's Dream Adventure," a portion of the proceeds are dedicated to symbolic penguin adoptions through the World Wildlife Foundation.

More about this book...

>> Reading level: 3-4th grade
>> 44 Pages of text & illustrations
>> Themes: Growing Up, Finding Inspiration, Following Your Dreams, Adventure, Imagination, Penguins, Thinking Outside of the Box



Hi there! I am Patricia Lambert, a Women's Achievement Coach, working with women to hone the strategies and implement the tools needed to set, align, and achieve big dream goals...


I am obsessed with planning, organizing, and setting big dreams and making them my reality!  I have been a student, a teacher, a dancer, a coach, an admin, and so much more, and with every path I've traveled, I have been honing my skills in planning strategies, and taking the big picture and breaking it down into bite-sized milestone steps...


I work with my clients on digging deep... really deep, to find the underlying goals and dreams in all areas of life.  Then we work together to create a Unique Dreams Roadmap, planning out with the path to those big dreams, all while working in balance and joy. 

The Dream Goals Strategy has led me through personal victories, and has worked time and again for the women that I work with!

I can't wait to see what paths and adventures you find yourself on by way of "The Dream Goals Guidebook!"

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