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Appointment Opportunities


Book the appointment that's right for you today!

Below you will find direct links to book on my calendar, including FREE consultations, Goals Roadmapping Coaching Sessions, Tech Coaching Sessions, EFT/TFT Sessions, and More (dependent upon current availability)...


FREE Consultation (15 Minutes)

This is an opportunity for Patricia to get to know you, and vice versa.  It is very important that when you are looking to hire a coach, you find not only a program or offer that meets your needs, but also a coach who you can connect with and feel ready to grow with!


Canva Design/Tech Tutorial (1 Hr) - $75

This is an opportunity to receive tech coaching in one of the following programs/apps. Whether you are designing a project or working to create systems to streamline a process, this is a great opportunity to dive in!

Tech options include Canva, ActiveCampaign, Wix Website Builder, Trello, MemberVault, ThriveCart, Google Apps, and Social Media (Facebook & Instagram)


1:1 Private Coaching Session (1 Hr)

You MUST be enrolled in private coaching, or have completed a FREE Consultation and been referred to this link by Patricia to book a 1:1 Coaching session.  These sessions will be an opportunity to deep dive into where you are right now and set a roadmap for progressing toward your goals in a balanced and stress-free way.


Goals Roadmapping (1 Hr) - $222

This is an opportunity for 1:1 coaching specifically focused on identifying goals and milestones, and creating a dream goals roadmap to achieving those goals.  You will receive some pre-work in advance of your session to prepare and to provide Patricia with a clear picture of where you are in your goals journey.  Includes 4 days of unlimited text and voice messaging support/coaching!

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EFT/TFT Tapping (30 Min) - By Donation

This is an opportunity to receive facilitation of HAB, EFT, and TFT. Sessions will be scheduled for 30 minutes, are donation based ($1 minimum), and can be used to work through stresses, uncertainties in life and business, anxiety, fear, and more!

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