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33 Ways Homeschool Without Your Child Knowing.png

33 Ways to Homeschool...
Without Your Child Realizing Class is in Session

And then, one day, everything changed... Whether you are a seasoned home - school mom, remote learning, or diving into home schooling f o r the fi r st time , this resource will guide you through 33 ways that you can incorporate education into your day to day life . Isn't it wonderful when we can sneak a lesson in without our children realizing they are in class?! Enjoy these fun and inventive ideas on tying lessons in to everything from gardening and time in the kitchen, to shopping and running your business.



Hi there! I am Patricia Lambert, a Women's Achievement Coach, working with women to hone the strategies and implement the tools needed to set, align, and achieve big dream goals...


I am obsessed with planning, organizing, and setting big dreams and making them my reality!  I have been a student, a teacher, a dancer, a coach, an admin, and so much more, and with every path I've traveled, I have been honing my skills in planning strategies, and taking the big picture and breaking it down into bite-sized milestone steps...


I work with my clients on digging deep... really deep, to find the underlying goals and dreams in all areas of life.  Then we work together to create a Unique Dreams Roadmap, planning out with the path to those big dreams, all while working in balance and joy. 

The Dream Goals Strategy has led me through personal victories, and has worked time and again for the women that I work with!

I can't wait to see what paths and adventures you find yourself on by way of "The Dream Goals Guidebook!"

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