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Where My Unconventional Dance Journey Began

My dance journey began differently than many believe... as a dance instructor, it is often assumed that my dance training began in the traditional studio setting shortly after I graduated from crawling to walking.

While I loved dancing around the house for every family birthday celebration, and always dreamed of being a Disney princess dancing across the screen, my dance training didn't actually begin until I was fourteen.

I was the new girl. I had just moved 2,000 miles across the country and was starting at a new school, and I signed up to take choir. My first lessons in dance were in the school gymnasium from a fellow 8th grader, preparing to dance to "Tale as Old as Time" in our choir's Disney Dazzle musical.

Dancing with my instructor, Jarrett Lambert, at age 14 after 6.5 hours of lessons. Jarrett and I married 11 years later!

I had 6.5 hours of lessons prior to our first of 6 or 7 performances...

I was not the person who willingly stood up in front of the class to do a presentation or perform.

I was not a seasoned dancer in anyway.

I barely knew my classmates, and I only knew my dance partner and instructor for a matter of weeks.

I had grown up being one of the tall girls in class (surprising, considering I now consider myself to be on the short side...) and always was in the back row for choir and hand bell performances.

I was terrified.

I remember how it felt going into my first lessons... the combination of excitement at trying something I'd always wanted to do, alongside the nauseating feeling of inexperience and not knowing if I would be good enough...

And looking back now, over 15 years later, I am so grateful that I took that first step of getting outside of my comfort zone. That one step has led to incredible adventures, lifelong friendships, travel opportunities, and 11 years later, my dance partner became my husband.

Starting your dance journey, or starting into a new and unfamiliar style of dance can be full of unknowns and anxieties.... heck, it can be downright terrifying!

Having a knowledgeable instructor, an abundance of resources at your feet, and the flexibility to learn and grow on your terms can make all the difference.

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