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The Mindset Required to Reach Your Goals

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time getting deep into myself, diving into programs, tapping into the magic and inspiration that I find in my coaches and in exploring the world, and I realized something VITAL.

I grow, am inspired, and am eager to soak up all there is to soak up when I find a coach who I connect with and who shares their own personal growth journey. I find that I can relate with their journey, apply a lot of the lessons for myself, and make discoveries about my own growth through this avenue of connection.

The vital piece that I have been missing in my journey is that, while I live for those internal riffs I have with myself, I have been doing YOU a disservice by not sharing my journey with YOU!

My firm belief is that unless you are dedicating time to personal development and growth, you will experience stagnancy… and if you are experiencing stagnancy, so is your business (or any other area of growth, but I’m going to specifically speak to the fempreneurs out there for a moment)…

Your business is an extension of your being, whether you are in direct sales, a creative, a coach, run a personal brand, or any of the many other variations on entrepreneurship that exist in this big wide world. If you spend all of your time and energy pouring into your family, your team, your business, and all of the animate and inanimate humans, creatures, and things that you interact with on a daily basis, your cup is empty. If your cup is empty, where do you get the energy and inspiration to create, innovate, and rise to your next level?

One of the keys to reaching your goals is to be a lifelong learner. Sometimes that will mean focusing in on learning more about your industry, your products, a certification that will help you connect with and create a more transformative experience for your clients… and sometimes that will mean exploring something you are passionate about that can in no way, shape, or form be linked to your business at all - like cooking, art, or music classes, learning a foreign language, or reading something that you absolutely love. This can mean joining a Bible study or prayer group so that you can grow deeper in your faith and relationship with God. This can mean setting aside time to go on walks in a place nearby that brings you inspiration and peace of mind.

For me, this means enrolling in programs with coaches that LIGHT. ME. UP.

It means going to the beach and digging in the sand, listening to the waves, and letting my mind process all the things.

It means taking the time to use breathing exercise and EFT/TFT.

If means reading a new book, diving into verses in the Bible, and researching something that I’m thoroughly interested in.

It means creating an new piece of art with acrylics on canvas or decoupage and seashells.

It means time with friends and family, connecting and experiencing the world.

and many times, it means shaking things up with travel or a new environment.

And through all of these experiences, I grow; I let new information sink in, process, and translate to my own life and business; I have long internal conversations with myself and discover a new direction that I want to take my business or personal life in; I feel balance.

Be sure to block out some time in your daily and weekly schedule to focus on what you need to nourish your mind, body, and soul. And remember, you can not reach your next level goal, and your business cannot grow, until you carve out the space to grow yourself.

And, if you’ll allow me, I would like to take you on my own journey, inspire you, and provide you with golden nuggets to apply in your own life and circumstances. I will be adding these riffs and internal monologues in the form of videos and audio clips within the Empowered to Thrive: Achievers’ Membership.

Learn more about this membership and all that is included HERE.

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