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Welcome to the Dream Goals Goddess Blog...

I have always loved writing, and in this time of craziness (especially on facebook) I knew that it was time for me to launch this blog! I've been wanting to blog for some time, and planned on launching later this year, but the timing became less about when I planned to be here, and much more about when I needed to be here and not there... Can you relate?

This is a space of tolerance, drama-free expression, and focusing on joy, love, and adventure...

The "Dream Goals Goddess Blog" is just that... about my dreams come true, my dreams yet to be, my goals in progress, my philosophy behind big dreaming, my strategies for goal setting (if you have the right mindset and strategy, you can reach any goal you choose!)... and so much more.

I believe in following your dreams... they have been put on our hearts for a reason, and by following our dreams we fulfill a purpose that no one else in this world can take our place in.

I believe in my 5 phase goal setting strategy ~ The Dream Goals Strategy ~ and it's ability to help each individual identify their goals, determine whether they are truly aligned, and *actually* achieve those goals, big or small. That very strategy is what has led me to creating this blog and is the back bone of many a tale that I am excited to tell in these posts...

In terms of my specialties, qualifications, and such, well, maybe that is considerably longer a tale than a "Welcome" post might warrant, so let's just open with this... I am a business owner, teaching swing and wedding dance, a coach, working with women to up-level their goal setting/achieving and organizational skills, and an author! And these are businesses that I've honed and built from scratch based around my passions in life and designing the future I desire!

In addition to being a dance instructor, women's achievement coach, and author, I am a mermaid-at-heart, penguin-obsessed, glittery-loving human... I am a wife, a traveler, a teacher, a life-long learner, and indescribably excited about life and where I am right now, and where I am going with all of my goals and adventures.

My entrepreneurial life started when I was in college... I started teaching dance part-time in several areas of ballroom, Latin, and swing. At the time, I was actively working to earn my Bachelor's in English with a teaching certificate option, and minor in Spanish education.

At the close of my college career, I realized that I wanted to expand my teaching options outside of the traditional classroom, and entered a university administrative assistant position during the day, while building my dance studio in the evenings and on weekends. Three years later, I left my university administrative assistant position for the sake of a more positive environment... I started teaching dance full-time, which opened up incredible travel opportunities. I experienced the mobile office life during this time, and wanted to dive into all of the possibilities that this opened.

Over the years, I have built my dance studio to include students starting at age three, all the way through adult-hood, and have honed my lesson offerings to specialize in west coast swing and wedding dance preparation, both on-line and in person. *Dancing With Patricia LLC*

I have always been hyper-organized and goal-oriented, helping family, friends and students work through struggles and conquer these areas, and I finally decided that it was time to turn this it into an impactful business in 2019!

As a Women's Achievement Coach, I create an annual Achievement Planner, wrote a book on my signature 5 phase goal setting and achieving strategy ("The Dream Goals Guidebook"), and empower women in all areas of life to say yes to their dreams and make them happen. The concept of "sacrifice now to reap rewards later" gets me really riled up in the worst way!

Women's Achievement Coaching covers so many different areas of goal-setting and achieving, not limited to entrepreneurship, career goals, education, travel, passion projects and hobbies, financial goals, health/wellness/fitness, habit creation, and SO MUCH MORE!

I absolutely love how diverse my businesses are, and the ability to help clients in so many different ways throughout the week! Being able to follow so many passions dancing, writing, teaching/coaching, organizing, planning, and beyond, is a dream come true! I'm so glad you've found your way into my world, and can't wait to share so much more with you!

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